Hiroko Takano  

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Hiroko moved to the US in 1991.

After receiving her Master of Arts degree at CSUSF, she started up a Japanese program at private middle and high schools in Sillicon Valley, California, where she taught Japanese as a Foreign Language for teenagers for 9 years.  After having retired form teaching, Hiroko become a producer to support people's inner journey from every possible angle.  Fluent in both English and Japanese, she has been splitting her time between Japan and the US uplifting and empowering peopleIn as a certified practitioner of Emotion Code and Body Code, cutting edge healing modality, She is also producing spiritual events, workshops, and retreat for Japanese people.   Hiroko currently lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California. 

Body Code TM and Emotion Code TM Certified Practitioner

Access Consciousness®  Bars Facilitator

Access Energetic Facelift®  Facilitator
Access Body Process®  Facilitator

Symphony of Possibilities (SOP)®  Practitioner

Quantum-Touch® Level 1

AromaTouch Technique®  Certified

Emotion Code Certified Practitioner
Body Code Certified Practitioner